Technology Your Way

We have built a reputation within the education sector for our excellent levels of ICT Support. This is from providing on-site technicians who fully manages the ICT systems for the school, to providing an effective helpdesk and management solution. Between visits, your system will be monitored 24/7 via our monitoring software. The monitoring software will alert us when any issue arises, which would enable us to potentially resolve the issue remotely. All schools will have access to our helpdesk system, which will allow to escalate or report any issues. 


As well as resolving any technical issues, we will provide advice and support to staff on the delivery of ICT, ensuring that the technology is having a great impact on learning. We will always go the extra mile and make your technology work more efficiently and better for less.


Our specialist procurement team can supply and install a wide range of ICT hardware, Audio Visual equipment, Wireless, Networking and Software Licensing solutions. As we work with a number of leading distributors in the UK, we can ensure that we can provide the latest hardware and software solutions at the most competitive prices. 


We are not restricted to offering specific brands, so therefore able to offer recommendations across a wider range of manufacturers to ensure you receive the equipment best suited to your requirements.